Lewis Semprini


Other Publications

Book Editor

Leeson, A., P.C. Johnson, R.E. Hinchee, L. Semprini, and V.S. Magar, In Situ Aeration and Aerobic Remediation, Battelle Press, Columbus, OH (2001).

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Book Chapters

Semprini, L, R.L. Ely, and M.M. Lang, “Modeling of Cometabolism for the In-situ Biodegradation and Trichloroethylene and Other Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons,” in Bioremediation: Principles and Practice Vol. (1) Fundamentals and Applications, S.K. Sikdar and R.L. Irvine, Eds., Technomic Publishing Co., Lancaster, PA, pp. 89-134 (1998).

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Semprini, L, G.D. Hopkins, D. Grbic-Galic, P.L. McCarty, and P.V. Roberts, “A Laboratory and Field Evaluation of In-Situ Bioremediation of Trichloroethylene, cis-and-trans-Dichloroethylene, and Vinyl Chloride by Methanotrophic Bacteria,” in Bioremediation: Field Experience, P.E. Flathman, Ed., Lewis Publishers Inc., Chelsea, MI, pp. 383-412 (1993).

McCarty, P.L. and L. Semprini, “Ground-Water Treatment of Chlorinated Solvent in Groundwater Clean-Up Through Bioremediation,” in Handbook of Bioremediation, Lewis Publishers Inc., Chelsea, MI, pp. 87-116 (1993).

Online Tutorials

Lessons and Tutorials for Using the Interactive Groundwater Model 3.5.6 (IGW) to Simulate Groundwater Remediation, http://ccee.oregonstate.edu/enve/igw/ (2005).

Articles in the Mass Media

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