WRHSRC Publications: Technical Papers and Reports

The WRHSRC keeps a database of sponsored research projects and their products and publications. There are two ways to view records.

A. Using a Search Tool - click on one of the options below to start searching the database for projects and publications. The database contains records from between 1989 and 2007.

  1. Search for WRHSRC Projects - Your search will generate descriptions of past and current projects with information about project leaders, timeframe, goals, rational, approach, and status.

  2. Search for Publications - Your search will generate citations for journal articles, student theses, and other products that resulted from WRHSRC projects.

B. By Browsing - Click on one of the links below to browse lists of products and publications, organized by type and publication date.

(from the 2007 WRHSRC Final Report)


If you are affiliated with the Center and have corrections or new publications to add to the database, please email Garrett Jones, Administrative Assistant for the Center at garrett.jones@oregonstate.edu .